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What We Provide?

With our strong design department, as well as skilled workers, we produce hundreds of catering equipment, food equipment, and refrigeration equipment, they include a Cooking range, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, BBQ /chicken grill, panini machine, fryer, griddle, waffle baker, gas stove, shawarma kebab machine, pizza oven, convection oven, food display warmer, bain Marie, buffet equipment, ice maker, sushi display, salad showcase, fast food/snake equipment, working table/ sink table, and other customized equipment.

About Us

QETEC Brand for industrial kitchen equipment was established in 2006 in Guangzhou, China with convenient transportation access and a modern market environment. In the past years, we dedicated to producing a high-quality product that passes through the state of the art production technology and quality control. Its experienced staff members are always available in listening, reviewing, assessing, refine, and then tailor each product to suit individual customer requirements.

QETEC includes wholesale, retail, ODM, and OEM services. We supply a wide range of kitchen equipment such as snack equipment, kitchen, and restaurant equipment, and catering buffet equipment together with other kitchen necessities. These products have been made professionally and meticulously, to compete in the most demanding market standard.

Professional, faith, innovation, and sustainable operation are our persistent goals. All the time, we are promised to provide customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, and excellent after-sale service. One-stop purchasing and customized services make customer

Why Us

Did you know whom top restaurants, hotels and caterers approach when they want industry-standard hotel kitchen equipment and restaurant kitchen equipment?

They approach us at QETEC, because they’re aware of our superior, proven experience in manufacturing kitchen equipments to global standards. 

They know that when they want unparalleled quality and the best of craftsmanship, nothing beats our kitchen equipment.

1.We've provided High Quality Restaurant Kitchen Equipment for Decades

For decades we have supplied top quality Hotels and Restaurants kitchen equipment to businesses in the worldwide market. We have won our customers’ trust over time. These businesses rely on our kitchen equipment so much that they know they don’t have to question anything, just use it. Our customers always come to us when they need newer kitchen equipment. This is because they know no other company can match our superior construction and production quality.

2.We Owe Our Success to Our Stringent Research and Quality Control Process

We combine our mastery over technology and a keen eye for elegance and aesthetics while making our products. It doesn’t matter whether our customers purchase a kitchen table, a cabinet or an oven – each item will speak of the most stringent quality. Each product is the result of years spent into research and development. We test each design in several phases before approving the design for manufacture. Once manufactured, our rigorous in-house quality standards put the equipment through a test that only the toughest products can pass. This means that every nut, every bolt and every inch of our kitchen equipment is checked and double-checked. We continue to do this till we ensure that our end product is the very best that it can be.

3.We Ensure the Highest Quality Customer Service

We don’t stop there. We ask for regular feedback and listen to our customers’ needs and requests. Through our dedicated customer service, we ensure that each customer is extremely satisfied with our products and delivery service. We also take pains to listen to special requests if any, and custom-tailor products to fit your specificity. We don’t consider any request as too small, too big or too much of a challenge.

4.We Offer Unbeatable Value

When it comes to kitchen equipment for hotels and restaurants in China, our value is unbeatable. Look for similar quality commercial kitchen equipment in China and check if you get it at the price we offer. We know that our prices are unbeatable and are proud of this fact.

5.Experience You Can Trust

We offer decades of experience manufacturing, installing, and maintaining catering equipments in China. Over the years, we’ve served countless clients, from emerging caterers to the world’s famous brands in hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, and industries. No matter what your unique project requirements, we’ll deploy our years of experience and deep industry knowledge to create an innovative solution that’s just right for you. Turn to Grace for all of your industrial catering equipment needs.

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